Welcome Letter - From the Desk of Mark Harris

Welcome Friends,

Only read this if....  You Need To Grow Your Business!

For decades, some of the most powerful Strategies, Knowledge, Leverage and Relationships that I've ever experienced, have come from the many great people in mastermind groups that we have either attended or formed. Simply put, Masterminds work!

Since they do,  we decided to create… the Business Growth Mastermind!

We have been heavily involved in growing businesses for decades, and actually, since Kevin is currently a CEO of an INC 5000 company, we not only like to grow businesses, but we like to grow them fast!   🙂

One of the most complex and difficult tasks is to grow a business fast...  one mistake can create huge delays in growth; while 1 properly implemented strategy can give you off-the-charts financial success!

Do you realize all the different groups of people utilizing the power of Mastermind Groups? Top Business Leaders, CEOs, Investors and Entrepreneurs ALL participate in mastermind groups!

Industry leaders in virtually every field have assembled powerful Mastermind groups that have exploded profits! Key experts have assembled masterminds in virtually every aspect of business, careers, and life! It changes and accelerates everything!

Why shouldn’t you benefit from a Mastermind to grow your business fast as well?

Do you realize what is possible when you bring the top mastermind leaders together all in one place? The Best Knowledge & Strategies will be shared… the Best Relationships will be created… and your Fastest Path to stellar growth will be revealed!

In order to make this hugely successful, I've had to stay with the mastermind best practice, which means the group can only be joined by invitation only, AND all new members must be approved.

However, if you want to be invited, we do have a limited number of Guest Passes to make available if you apply.  See the "By Invitation Only" page for more details.

I'm really excited about the Business Growth Mastermind, and some of the powerful things in store, and I expect to see you there.

All The Best,

Kevin Layton & Mark Harris
Business Growth Mastermind